Are Toilet Seats Eco Friendly?

Today many homeowners and renters are looking for various home furnishings, fixtures, décor, etc. that are eco-friendly. That includes items for the bathroom as well. However, you probably never considered the fact whether or not toilet seats are eco-friendly. What’s important is to consider the facts related to the question. …

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My Skiing Trip with Friends


Never in my mind could I have thought that turntables and skiing have something in common. The other time, my friends and I went for a snow skiing vacation. While it was not my first time to experience skiing, I am not good in it either. It is amazing how …

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Can I Waist Train While Skiing?


Wearing of waist trainers or commonly known as waist cinchers are considered over time as one of the primary causes of women’s commotion over body contouring over the centuries have managed to make a sound landing in the modern day’s beauty stage. Wearing waist trainers as compared before is way …

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Best countries for skiing – Ultimate List


Skiing is an awesome adventure sport which has many aspects like courage, expertise, quick decision, the ability to tackle unwanted situations. The most important of all is a perfect place to ski. So before you plan a skiing vacation, here is a list of countries with best ski locations and …

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What to bring with you when skiing


When going for a skiing vacation, you must understand that this vacation is unlike other vacations that you plan in the plains. You must have the best quality sports gear and all the necessary paraphernalia for this adventure. You must wear proper clothing in multiple layers to ward off any …

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How to Learn Skiing Fast


Skiing is all about great control, discipline and strategy, to begin with. With a number of sporting achievements to your credit in the past, if you believe that you can hit on this sport too with aplomb, then you might be correct considering your confidence. But it is always better …

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GoPro: Tanner Hall Ski Diaries


This is an unreal video.  One of the best I have seen.  The problem with the face is something that I just can’t get my head around how little justice the gopro is doing in showing the true steepness and pitch of the terrain.  Watching that segment I just can’t …

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